Integrity.  Uncompromising integrity is at the very core of our value system and will serve as the basis for all of our
decisions. If our integrity is tested, we will choose the decision that's "the right thing to do", without any regard to
monetary considerations.

Honesty.  Companies within the Chirch Global® Manufacturing Network must always tell the truth, no matter how
difficult. As such, our advice to business partners will always be what they should hear and not what they want to hear.

Quality.  Our definition of quality is simple -- to consistently perform at a level beyond our monetary remuneration.

Partners.  Our Network values and grows with long-term relationships and, accordingly, our investments are not
approached as projects.  Because our investments are relationship-oriented, we will be very selective in choosing our
business partners.

Respect.  The utmost degree of respect will be exhibited to both customers and business partners at all times. We
expect the same degree of respect in return.

Teamwork.  Anyone who cannot work in a team environment will be encouraged to work for our competition.  Dynasties
are built upon teamwork, not a collection of talented individuals.

Mistakes.  It's ok to make them.  If mistakes are internal to our Network, then we will learn from them.  If the mistakes
involve our business partners, then we will learn from them and make up for them.

Work Ethic.  Hard work will be the hallmark of our Network.

Image.  Our image will be a reflection of how well we adhere to our stated values.  Strict adherence to our values will lead
to an image that could be summarized in two words -- sincere professionals.
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